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Lego Robotics Kits

We-Do Robotics Kit

What is a We-Do Kit?
Simple Set of motors and sensors that can be used with Lego Constructions and programmed using Scratch or We Do software

WeDo part What it looks like What you can use it to do
Motor Legomotor.jpg Make things turn
Light LEGO-WeDo-light.png These are LEGO Power Function lights that are not included in the WeDo kit, but can still be connected to the WeDo hub and controlled using Scratch.
Distance sensor LEGO-WeDo-distance-sensor.jpg Interact by moving closer and further from this sensor
Tilt sensor Tiltsensor.jpg Interact by tilting this sensor
Hub Legowedohub.jpg Connect the WeDo parts to your computer
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How do you use it?

To use We Do with Scratch:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Here is a library of tutorial videos for using the We Do software

What can you make with it?

YouTube Video

Project Gallery

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