There are a number of ways you can help us help others.

  • Help with fundraising.
  • In-kind donations (please contact our business office for information on current needs)
  • Joining our board or participating in a board-related activity, in support of our agency's efforts.  Too busy for one more major commitment?  Do not worry!  We have a number of opportunities for various levels of involvement.  
  • Cash donations to cover general operational costs, or to a specific fund such as-
    1. Silent Samaritan Fund:  This fund goes directly to cover the cost of counseling for women who are affected by violence and are in need of counseling supports.
    2. Storehouse Fund:   Through a cooperative effort, we are able to partially fund the cost of care for some of our patients who are unable to pay the full cost.  The host churches and local communities provide invaluable support, and our clinical staff donate a significant portion of the cost of their time to provide reduced-cost counseling.  Patients are asked to pay a portion according to our policies and agreements with them.   The remainder is covered by donations, when available.  Your donation is leveraged-- by using these funds, we are able to provide a full session of counseling for a patient for as low as only 20% of the cost of care.
    3. Summer Reading Camp.