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Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers assist the priest during mass and other worship services. Children who are in 6th grade or higher may begin training to be an Altar Server. If interested, contact the school principal, the Director of Religious Education, or Deacon John Hunter. 

Choir is a dedicated group of individuals who strive to keep the spirit of the Lord in the music, and serve the community by enhancing the singing in our church. The regular choir practices in the choir loft, once a week on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm. There is a Contemporary Choir that meets two times a month on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. New members are always welcome. If interested, you can come to a regularly scheduled practice, or call the choir director for more information. 

Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are trained and commissioned once yearly. Attendance at a class, sponsored by the Archdiocese is required. It is usually held in October. One more session, on a Saturday morning, given by a priest of the parish, instructs new ministers in local customs, altar training, and the special needs of all the ill. Ministers are commissioned during a brief ceremony during Mass, the first Sunday of Advent. You can specify your interest in serving at Mass or serving the homebound. If you wish, you can participate in both ministries. 

Altar ministers serve as Eucharistic Ministers during Daily, Saturday Evening and Sunday Masses and on Holy Days of Obligation and Seasonal Liturgies. You are usually scheduled at least once or twice a month. A schedule is set for two or three months and takes into account any special requests of the ministers. Once a schedule is printed, conflicts must be resolved by calling another minister to substitute. 

Ministers to the homebound are scheduled as needed. When a request is made to the rectory, it is referred to the homebound coordinator who makes the assignment. These ministers keep a pyx (the container to carry the Blessed Sacrament). They go to the rectory or church to obtain the Holy Eucharist for distribution. Extraordinary Ministers are commissioned annually in December. If you are interested, contact the rectory no later than the last week of August. 

Lectors are parishioners who read the Opening Thought for the Day's liturgy, the First and Second Reading, the General Intercessions, and any announcements that must be made during the celebration of the Mass or other liturgical celebrations. New lectors are trained at a Cluster-wide workshop and by a lector with experience. A workbook for lectors is given to each lector so he/ she can prepare for the day's reading. A schedule is prepared quarterly and reflects the requests of the lectors. If unable to meet a scheduled time, it is the lector's responsibility to find a substitute. If you are in High school or older and would like to be a lector, please contact the lector coordinator or the Rectory. 

Sacristans are volunteers who assist at the Parish weekend liturgies by carrying out a variety of duties, including:

* Opening and locking up the church (and making sure it is cool or warm enough).
* Preparing the celebrant’s chalice and other sacred items for the altar.
* Ensuring that the various sacred books used at Mass are marked for the day’s Liturgy.
* Recruiting parishioners to take up the offertory gifts and do the weekly collection.
* Distributing the parish bulletin.

If you are interested in being a Sacristan, please contact the Rectory.