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You may of noticed a "SIGN IN" command at the base of each page of the web site.  This command is available to users that have a WWW.RuralColorado.ORG Login ID and Password.  It provides access to an extended set of capabilities provided via the GAFYD.net  (Google Applications For Your Domain via net) solution implemented for CRDC by investor, TechEn enterprises llc.

As a non-profit focused on the needs of the rural areas in the nation’s 8th largest state (104,094 sq/mi) CRDC has a large, varied constituency spread out over a huge geography. The staff, board of directors and the investors make up the formal constituency.   Investors, are a unique group of over 40 primarily private for-profit entities providing time, resources and expertise in support of CRDC's success.

Communication amongst this group is critical, and today’s WEB technology gives many advantages when doing such between varied groups separated by large distances. To tap the WEB's power, in early 2008 CRCD partnered with TechEn enterprises llc (an investor) to implement a state-of-the-art WEB communications and collaboration system known as GAFYD.net (Google Apps For Your Domain via Net) to address these needs.

Introduction to GAFYD.net (Google Apps)

Primary goals were:
  1. provide cost effective support of CRDC’s daily operations.
  2. gain greatly expanded potential for involvement of its constituency.
  3. be a role model for rural based businesses and communities seeking to improve their use of the WEB.
  4. gain access "mobile friendly" technologies that readily adapt to use of mobile devices, large distances and varied broadband services.
  5. Leverage benefits offered to 501(c)(3) organizations by  the Google Corporation.

GAFYD.net  (Google Applications For Your Domain via net) is also available for small business, local governments, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.  Contact Tom Smith at 303-932-8146 or by email via tsmith@techen.net.