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2011 - Our 17th Year of Serving Rural Colorado

Formed in 1994 to assist rural communities in Colorado, CRDC still has the vision, 
and rural Colorado continues to welcome our efforts!

CRDC Activities Summary - 2010

Entrepreneurship Marketplace - Limon CO OCT 15
WOW! And we thought the first two years were fun and exciting, the Third Annual Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace was another incredible day of learning and networking!

Report on Rural Colorado
We continue to get compliments on the report, and we continue to keep notes for the next revision of the report!   Get the Report Here

The CRDC Board of Directors continues this work: 
Building Partnerships
Improving Communication
Helping Communities Achieve Their Goals

And we would not be able to continue without Michelle Alcott and the experience and know-how she applies to the CRDC operations!

We've tried to be TRUE TO OUR MISSION:

CRDC is a partnership committed to advancing rural interests identified by listening to the needs of rural people. 

We encourage and assist locally defined community development by fostering creative partnerships, knowledge, communications and resources to effectively implement the Community's own visions

If we do our job better, tough times may hurt less, or end sooner. 

PLEASE TELL US what you and your organization would like for CRDC to be doing to improve things in Colorado?
Who can we work with ?
What steps can be taken ? 
Where should we be focusing our efforts ?

We welcome your comments, please use this form to send us a message: