The Colorado Rural Development Council (CRDC)
is a private, nonprofit organization committed to influencing positive change in rural Colorado.  We do this by advancing rural interests, listening to our constituents and responding to their needs through collaboration, creative partnerships, and helping rural communities to access resources they need to accomplish their own community visions.  CRDC is committed to opening new doors of opportunity for Rural Colorado communities and businesses. 

The CRDC  Report on Rural Colorado is available for download:

CRDC is one of 33 Federally Recognized State Rural Development Councils (SRDC’s) that belong to the National Rural Development Partnership, created by Executive Order by President George H.W. Bush in 1990.  CRDC operates on the premise that most of Colorado is rural, but all of Colorado is affected by rural issues. Rural Colorado’s health and economic vitality is integral to the health of our entire state.

Here is the complete 116 pg Full Color Document (4.9 Mb PDF file)

This map was created with the assistance of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Demography Division and identifies the 42 truly rural counties within the State of Colorado. It also identifies 12 micro-politan or agurban counties that have significant rural and urban characteristics within the respective county.