Ridgeleigh Review Advertising Packages

Advertise in The Ridgeleigh Review


Are you self-employed?  Do you offer part-time services to our community?  If you work for a business or private firm, would they like to take advantage of an advertisement in our newsletter?  These are questions we ask you to consider. 


Our Association publishes “The Ridgeleigh Review” at least 4x per year.  We try to keep our rates low so that even the smallest business can purchase an ad.  Our goal is to have the newsletter be self-supporting (pay for the printing costs).  Our rates are below:


1/6 page (Business Card)



Total Advertising Cost for 4 Issues Per Residence











1/4 page















These rates are for four newsletters per year.  They are very reasonable and provide exposure to 1,100 homes at a rate of 12 cents to just 44 cents per household.  SUCH A DEAL!


Won’t you help us serve our community better?  By not having to dip into our treasury, our residents can enjoy movie night, the scavenger hunt, the Easter Egg Hunt, and lots more for years to come.  Some of these things are costly, yet we know how much you appreciate the events. 


Help us help our residents.  Advertise in our local newsletter.  If you have any questions about advertising, please contact Karen Fitze at pr@ridgeleigh.net


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* The Ridgeleigh Community Association is a 501(c)4 organization.