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Hi!  My name is Patty Grover.  I hope that you are having an exciting and safe summer!


I am looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year!


Below you will find my biography, class syllabus, and supply list.


See you soon!

My name is Patty Grover and I will be your child’s math teacher for the 2019-2020 school year.  Just to give you a little background on myself, I received my teaching certificate from Arizona State University.  I completed my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction last summer. I taught sixth grade reading and math for seven years.  I then moved to PVUSD and taught seventh grade math and pre-algebra for one year at Shea MS.  For nine years, I taught eighth grade pre-algebra here at DSMS.  This will be my sixth year teaching Algebra 1-2.  I am looking forward to teaching your student next year.

On a more personal note, I was born in Phoenix, and have lived here almost all of my life.  You could say that I am a desert rat.  I did live in Utah for five years and loved the mountains.  The one thing that I don't miss is driving in the snow!

I love to travel!  I have been to many countries, including Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Egypt, Norway, and several others. 

I am not married, and do not have any children.  I do have a cat named Bella.  She is really cute!  

I love to see movies, play racquetball, and cross-stitch.

Purpose:  Homework, class-work, and course syllabus.

 Miss Grover’s 

Algebra & 8th Grade Advanced Math Course Syllabus 


1. Write down ALL weekly assignments in your student planner. 

2. Arrive on time with a positive attitude. 

3. Bring all necessary materials for class. 

4. Be accountable for your learning. 

5. Be an active participant in class. 


  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • A separate notebook/folder just for math
  • Pencils with erasers
  • RED pen for grading
  • Dry-erase marker (black or blue)
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator  {i.e. TI-30X, nothing that graphs (phones may NOT be used as calculator)}
  • Ear buds or headphones (Algebra)



 -Clorox Wipes

 -Dry-erase markers


  Algebra                                     Homework 20%      Tests/Quizzes 80% 

  Algebra Course Grade .             1st Quarter 40%     2nd Quarter 40%      Final Exam 20%

  Advanced 8th Grade Math        Homework 25%      Tests/Quizzes 75%

A = 90-100%  

B = 80-89%  

C = 70-79%  

D = 60-69%  

F = 0-59% 

*All work must be done in pencil!  No credit will be given for any assignment done in pen. 

*Expect homework to be given 4-5 nights a week.  All work must be shown and answers circled in order to receive full credit. 

* If a student misses school, it is their responsibility to make up the work.  Assignments can be found on my webpage.

*Redos are allowed on homework and in-class assignments only, and require my signature.


Helpful Information

*Tests are given at the conclusion of every chapter.  

*Quizzes are typically given mid-chapter, but may be given at other times as well. 

*A separate math notebook is expected of each student.  Students should keep all of their assignments and chapter notes for the entire quarter.  Surprise notebook checks may occur for a grade.  Students are expected to be up to date with all notes given in class. 

*Extra credit may be given periodically.  There is no make-up or late work for extra credit.   


Attendance is crucial!  Missing even one day can put the student at a disadvantage.  New concepts and lessons are taught daily, so it is important to not fall behind.  It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to find out their missing assignments and turn them in, and in a timely manner.  Assignments are posted daily and can be found: 

on the assignment board in class 

written in the student's planner 

on Miss Grover's web page 

 ****There are NO excuses for not knowing what the assignment was.

 *Students have one day for each day of their EXCUSED absence to hand in their work. 

 *Students who are absent on a test or quiz day will be expected to take the test the day they return. 

 *Late assignments will be given for partial credit: 

1 day late – 50%

        Any late work must be turned in prior to the end of a chapter, unit, or quarter.

*Extenuating circumstances require a parent note or phone call. 


*Absolutely NO talking of any kind during a test or quiz. 

*No cheating of any kind will be tolerated.  All students must do and show their own work in order to get credit on assignments and tests. 

*Calculators will be allowed when authorized by the teacher. 

*Inappropriate or unwanted behavior will be dealt with promptly.  It is unacceptable for a student to interfere with the teaching and learning of others... these behaviors will result in disciplinary action. 

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