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DSMS phone number  (602) 449-6800
voice mail extension (602) 449-LINK #72384

5858 E. Sweetwater Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

I am hoping that you are having a restful and fun summer vacation.  Please read through this page and some of the others on this site to see what you need, what we need, activities we will be doing, and a little bit about me.  I look forward to meeting you and teaching you how to play so many fun activities.  

See you soon!
Mrs. Gore

What students will need:
1.  A good quality combination lock (FYI - Master locks seem to work best and last longer.)  

        ~Practice unlocking the lock before bringing it to school!
        ~That means open the package and learn how to open it.

2.  DSMS uniform (t-shirt and shorts) $21 
or solid black basketball type shorts and solid white t-shirt with your name on them.
(Go to the DSMS homepage, 
scroll to the bottom and then clink on the PE uniform link. 
Uniforms are being sold by PTO and can only be purchased online.  Keep in mind it takes about 2 weeks for uniforms to arrive.  Please order early!) 
The uniform can be purchased at open house to avoid a 2 week wait and you will be able to see the sizes.
3.  Athletic Shoes (with laces)
4.  Socks
5.  Sweat pants and sweat shirts are encouraged during cold weather. Leggings are         not allowed. 

What We Need A donation of these items to PE would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
~ a box of tissues (We can never have enough of these.)
~ hand sanitizer
~ sanitizing wipes
~ band aides
~ glade plug-in refills, to help keep the locker room smelling fresh and pretty.
~ ping pong tables (We have 3 and need 7 more to create a ping pong unit.)
~ ping pong paddles 
Thank you so much for helping our program!

On all early release days students need to wear athletic shoes to school and appropriate clothes to play in, much like PE days in the elementary school.  There isn't enough time for the classes to dress out.

1. All activities are subject to change.  Have your uniform ready everyday.

2. Students should take home their uniforms every Friday and wash them.
3. Ask for them for it.

4. Please remember to bring it back on Monday!  
Last Updated: 5/22/19
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