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History of Content Management

The best known of YouTube's content identification and management tools (Content ID) is actually one of several tools that copyright owners have at their disposal to manage content. Today, more than a 1000 partners use Content ID, including every major US network broadcaster, movie studio and record label. Content ID, scans over 100 years of video every day, and over 1/3 of YouTube's total monetized views come from Content ID. 

Here are some milestones in YouTube's push to give content creators greater control of their videos on YouTube:
  • February 2006 - Premium content registration and 10-minute limit launched
  • October 2006 - Partnership with Audible Magic to bring audio identification technology to YouTube 
  • March 2006 - Content Verification Program launched
  • October 2007 - Content ID launched
  • July 2009 - JK Wedding Dance
  • September 2009 - Over 1000 partners using Content ID; Integration with YouTube Insight
  • October 2009 - Partnerships with leading companies in broadcast video delivery and management
Some additional policies and tools re: copyright and content management on YouTube:
  • Our strict repeat-infringer policy, which has been in place since our launch, terminates accounts of repeat infringers based on DMCA notices.
  • We require users to confirm at the time of upload that they have rights to the video they're uploading
  • We take a unique "hash" of every video removed for copyright infringement and block re-upload of that exact video file prospectively.
  • We provide content owners with an electronic notification and takedown tool, to help them more easily identify their material and notify us to take it down with the click of a mouse.
  • We also publish copyright tips for users in plain English and clear, prominent messaging at the time of user upload.