Matt Kaatz

City of West Linn



Officer Position Description:

Conducts the regular monthly meetings and ensures that the duties of the other three officers are being performed. Assists the other officers when needed and answers any concerns from the members. Works closely with the Subsection's Committee Chairs and facilitates the goal setting and spending plan meetings of the Subsection. Ensures that the Subsection goals are in line with the Section's strategic plan and national goals and policies set by AWWA. Prepares, delivers and presents the Subsection’s annual report to the PNWS-AWWA Board at the Winter Trustees Meeting.

Vice President

Laura Oxsen

3J Consulting, Inc.



Officer Position Description:

Schedules monthly meetings for the year and confirms meetings at least two months prior to the meeting date. Assists the Secretary and Treasurer, as needed, at the regular monthly meetings. Arranges for continuing education units (CEUs) through ESAC for the regular monthly meetings through the Subsection Education Committee. Works with the staff of the local host utility/entity on logistics of the regular monthly meeting (including program content & meal). Assists with the preparation and presentation of the Subsection’s annual report.


Kyle Arnhart

City of Tigard



Officer Position Description:

Receives the revenue from the monthly meetings, registration/event fees and other donations. Records and deposits said revenue into the Subsection bank account. Maintains a current and balanced account record. Enters the financial transactions of the Subsection into an accounting program. Reports the Subsection’s account balance information at the regular meetings. Assists the other officers and sub-committee chairs with the Subsection’s work plan and spending plan development and oversees the implementation of the approved spending plan. Also assists with preparation of the Subsection’s annual report.


Brooke Barry

West Yost



Officer Position Description:

Prepares monthly meeting minutes and submits them to the appropriate person to be included in the announcements for upcoming meetings. Takes meeting minutes at Subsection Board meetings and compiles them for occasional submittal to the bank. Assists the Treasurer with the collection of money at regular monthly meetings and may also assist the other officers with the preparation of the Subsection’s annual report.