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Fact Practice:

Xtramath facts                   

Moby Max Fact Master


Fact Monster
Math Facts Basketball
Play Kids Games for Fact Practice



Khan Academy


Area Games
        Brain Pop Area Game


Multiplication Games

Practice your math facts:

 Place value/rounding
 Place Value Hockey       Rounding to 10 Game
Base Ten Fun                   Place Value Study Jams

Place Value Game
Seashell Rounding
Practice Rounding 

        2 digit addition soccer game
Subtraction with borrowing Study Jam
Estimate Sums & Differences Study Jam
 Equal groups
 Equal groups practice
Multiplication fact practice
Multiplication Race Car Driving



Space Arrays
Under the Sea
Multiplication & Division Fact Families
Sum Sense
Multiplication/division story problems
Multiplication/division story problems
Hickory Dickory Clock
IXL Time Practice
Giraffe Pull
Quarter hour/half hour Brain Pop
 On Time
Telling Time Basketball
Clock Shoot
Time Matching game
Clock Me-Learning About Time
Stop the Clock Game Time
Clockwise Game Time
Elapsed Time Game Time

Bar graphs/

Capacity Holds More or Less
Capacity game
Taking Measures Capacity
Capacity Brain Pop Video
Pictograph Brain Pop Video
Making a pictograph
Pictograph game
Another pictograph game
Bar Graph Brain Pop Video
Learning about bar graphs
Bar graph game
Making a bar graph
Create a bar graph
Unit Squares Brain Pop Video
Find area using unit squares
Find the area using unit squares
Unit Squares
Area Practice
Perimeter Brain Pop Video
Perimeter Study Jam
Perimeter game
Another perimeter game
Measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch practice
Measuring Length Study Jam
Measurement Game
 Virtual Geoboards
More Fractions Brain Pop Video
Fractions (Part of a Whole) Study Jam
Equivalent Fractions Study Jam
Equivalent Fractions Brain Pop Video
Learnzillion Fractions Video
Matching Fractions Game
Matching Equivalent Fractions Game
Comparing Fractions Game



Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division 
Number Cracker-Number Patterns
Number Patterns
Addition/Subtraction Story Problems
More Addition/Subtraction Story Problems
2 Step Story Problems
Multiple Step Story Problems
More Multiple Step Story Problems
Grand Slam Math Addition/Subtraction Problems
Grand Slam Math Multiplication/Division Problems
Multiplication/Division Story Problems
Types of Lines Study Jams
Types of Lines Game
Types of Angles Study Jams
Types of Angles Seuss Song
Types of Angles Game
Quadrilateral Study Jams
 Polygons Brain Pop Video
2D and 3D shapes
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Brain Pop Video
Decimals Study Zone
Tenths and Hundredths Video
Tenths Game
Hundredths Game
Decimals Study Jams

Distributive Property Brain Pop Video
Distributive Property Study Jams