William Tilden Middle School

Mr. Brian Johnson
6601 Elmwood Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19142 
Phone: 215-492-6454
Fax: 215-492-6128    



Our Vision for Tilden Middle School students is to achieve the highest levels of academic growth, be well rounded in their interests and abilities, and recognized in the community for outstanding leadership.

As we work to achieve, lead and grow together, we expect our students, faculty and staff, parents and community to hold us accountable for living up to these truths: 

   * We are accomplished.
    * We are Innovative.
      * We are Engaged.
 * We are College Bound.

Provide a rigorous and engaging learning environment in every classroom that nurtures 
leadership, perseverance, integrity, curiosity, and kindness
in order for our students to
discover, develop, and communicate
the skills and content necessary for college and career success in the 21st Century.

Bullying Hotline

Something to Roar About - Tilden News

05/06/16 - SWAG Day ($5 Tiger Bucks or $2 Cash)
05/10/16 -  Half Day - Professional Development
05/18/16 - Parent Power Hour with Principal Johnson
05/20/16 - SWAG Day ($5 Tiger Bucks or $2 Cash)
05/26/16 - Interim Reports Go Home
05/30/16 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System)
We believe that the best way to handle discipline is to support positive behavior. Students are rewarded "Tiger Bucks" that can be used on incentives throughout the year for following our 4 Be P's:

 Be Prompt
- On time to school and to every class every period every day

Be Prepared
- Have all your required supplies for each class. See our supply list to see what is needed.

Be Polite
- Be kind and respectful to everyone

Be Productive
- Complete assignments when they are given

Opening and Closing Procedures
There are several changes to the schedule this year. Please be aware of the following times.

               1) Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for ALL students that wish to have it from 7:50-8:20. 
                   NO breakfast will be served after 8:15.

               2) Students must be in school by 8:30 am or they will be considered late. 
                   Three lates = detention. Ten lates = absence. 
                   Three absences = referral to truancy court

               3) School will end at 3:19, as it did last year. Dismissal will be staggered so that 
                                                        8th grade dismisses at 3:05, 
                                                        7th grade dismisses at 3:09, and
                                                        5th/6th grade dismisses at 3:13.

                4) Dismissal on Wednesdays is at 2:13 to accommodate professional  development that supports our blended                                 learning initiative.

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