Project Tracking Work Space

Contrary to common belief the most costly and common issue to the customer and project failure is not that the vendor can't deliver on time.  Instead it's the customer not knowing that the vendor will not deliver on time. That's why at Override Technologies LLC, we have implemented the use of the project tracking work space to keep communications open, project schedule transparent, and risks and tasks managed. We use this as a repository to insert content that is project related including text, gadgets, forms, calendars, photos/illustrations and even YouTube Videos.  We use the  issues section to organize open issues by organizing potential risks and open tasks.  We utilize a calendar and project documents to further organize your deadlines and important documents and project deliverables.  We use the discussion page to open the floor for topics that need to be heard by the whole team and can open up the discussion with the customer where appropriate.  We make team members contact information accessible using the contact page.  Lastly, team members can use my page to add personal gadgets related to the project.

Risks & Issues

Keep the team and the customer in sync with major risks and issues.

Time Line

Entire projects time line driven by Google calendar.

Tasks & Actions

Know who is responsible for what with the Tasks & Actions page.

Project Documents

Organization is key to any successful project.  Project documents are in one place accessible to the whole team.

Recent Updates

Keep the team and the customer informed and on track using the recent updates page.