Teaching philosophy:

Math is best learned with a motivation. 

The goal is to connect what is known with new ideas and approaches. 

Current Courses (Fall 2018)

MA-UY 1002 Art of Mathematics
MA-UY 2114 Calculus III

Past Courses Taught

MA-UY 2114 Calculus III
MA-UY 4423 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
MA2112 Multivariable Calculus A
MA2122 Multivariable Calculus B
MA2132 Differential Equations
MA2012 Elements of Linear Algebra
MA2212 Data Analysis I
MA-UY 1132 Numerical Methods 
MA1124/1424 Calculus II
MA1154 Calculus II with Pre-Calculus
MA1024/1324 Calculus I
MA1054 Calculus I with Pre-Calculus
MA914 Pre-Calculus
MA1 Pre-College Math

Guest Lecturer at Brooklyn College (Fall 2014)
MA1311 The Heart of Mathematics
Lecture topic: Fractals and Chaos Theory

Syllabus and related material can be found on NYU Classes. 

Online Courses

MA1 Pre-College Math
Taught for 5 years
Grading: Pass/Fail

Summer Programs

HEOP Summer Program
General Studies Summer Program

Helpful Online Learning Resources

Volunteer Programs

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHEP) SAT Math Prep for High School Students.