Recognizing the Best of the Best at NHS

1How:    By Having Good Attendance - Good Behavior - Good Grades

When:  Application Cards Available when Report Cards are Handed out at the end of each Quarter

Where:  Submit to the Principals Office

What's  in it for You:  In school and out of school prizes!  Local Business Discounts!  Exam Exemptions and being Part of the Best of the Best here at NHS

Best of the Bolts Applications for Quarter 2 based on Quarter 1 Grades have been collected.
After they are processed, please check this site or Best of Bolts List (hung next to the Senior Steps on both sides) to make sure your application is received and processed. 
Final Date for this check is Friday 11/17/17.
Cards and Awards will be printed starting 11/17/17 and no changes can be made beyond this point. 

Best of the Bolts Award Handouts will occur during lunch on  ???

2nd Quarter Assembly will be held ??? during 4th period.

356 Students are members of the Best of the Bolts program for Quarter 2-1!!

Click on Totals to see results from Year as well as clicking on Prize Give Away to see the assembly prizes hand out as a reward for hard work and effort.

Best of The Bolts Committee Members for 2017-18                   

Mackenzie         Dear                        12
Emily                 Howard                    12
Ryan                  Pullins                     12
Hannah              Toth                         12
Whitney             White                       12
Abi                     Brown                      11
Sam                   Henne                     11
Ana                    Kuehl                      11
Breckyn             O'Shea                    11
Eric                    Woods                     11
Nadeen             Abouzahra               10
Lyndsey            Humphrey                10
Nick                  Sanders                   10
Taylor                Shively                    10
Jenna                Stowers                   10

Advisor         Mr. Kaltenbach