Advanced topics in Algebra

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The Calendar and Attachments
Use the calendar to check for: quizzes/exams on the day they will be given; and assignments (homework, projects, papers, etc.) on the day that they are given.  Assignments will be named by what it is.  Whenever possible, these assignments, study guides for quizzes/exams, and other useful documents will be uploaded to the "Attachments" section(near bottom of page).  To make sure that you are opening the correct attachment, consult the calendar for the correct filename--it will  like HW/SS 1.12 etc...).  You are responsible to take care in opening the correct documents to ensure that you complete the proper assignments.
Notes may also be posted in the attachments (and on the calendar).  Again, be careful to make sure that the name of the attachment you are opening corresponds to the name on the calendar.  YOU are responsible for taking your own notes!  Do not rely on attachments as any notes posted will most likely be partial notes or accompanying handouts.
This section is devoted to a running and dated list of my comments.  Comments include anything from reminders, important take-aways from the lesson, and links to other sites.
This section is a comprehensive list of links meant to provide you with additional help and resources.  Most of these will be instructional, meant to provide you with additional help and resources on the objectives and skills that we're working on in class.  Any links embedded in the commentary will also be included here.

Integrated Algebra

This is where I will put one of my classes notes/ activities/ websites.
Down below in Attachments you can upload any of the files from computers for your students to see!