Siera Hyte
Dresses for Every Occasion
February 19th - March 27th, 2016

                    Things that happen once, including:
                    Morning Glories unfolding at the beginning of the day, learning a new
                    skill, birth, chickenpox, circumcision, new chemical elements created, first
                    times, death, appendectomy, beginning snowfall each season, etc.

                     The grand opening of a new, satellite restaurant that changes its menu every
                    day seeking to serve the best possible iteration of each dish only once. 
                    Please join us for an inaugural meal of duck confit, toast with blackberry 
                    jam, pickled blackberries, and thyme. 

Romantic Shampoo Brand
Plastic bottles, poems, Herbal Essence

Something that Keeps Going
Morning glory vines

First Attempt
Morning glory vines

Restaurant Concept
Duck confit, toast, pickled blackberries, thyme