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Luc Fuller
Nick Fusaro
Malcolm Hecht
Jonah Porter
Willie Young

Littman & White Gallery
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, OR, 97201
The Island Goers

Marc Matchak



Three friends are sitting at the tropical themed bar. TENDERLY by Rosemary Clooney plays from a jukebox. MACY (28), SID (28), and MIKE (29) are all drinking. Macy and Sid appear to be drinking the same beer while Mike has a large daiquiri in a glass that’s shaped like a toucan. Sid looks at the red slush in the beak and pulls his shoulders in covering the Hawaiian pattern on his shirt with his arms. 

What’s the matter Siddy? When we were dating you used to love this place.

Yeah when we were dating. I’m trapped here in a relationship totally outside of myself

Mike takes a long final slurp of his daiquiri. He belches crudely. 

Cause you’re sitting here with me, with Macy, and now we’re dating? Or you’re sitting here without Abby?

Sid begins to fumble with a bowl of peanuts at the bar and swirl his beer. 

Well, how have you been outside of this relationship? Like with your relationship.

Well, something that’s really fucking annoying and potentially relationship ruining is when you’re trying to tell your S.O. about something cool, something you think you can both enjoy, and she has the laptop right in front of her and just googles it and here I am trying to show my work and she just… Christ!

Sid knocks over the bowl of peanuts and they scatter all over the bar. Macy looks over to the BARTENDER (35) motions for another round of drinks. 

Well, if you ask me, I think you’re quantifying some sort of little idiosyncrasy and projecting it as some terrible personality trait. Like you can’t just round off every little instance some separate thing working against your relationship.

Maybe I’m sort of trapped in my own logic. But these don’t feel like little things, they just all add up to making me feel completely cemented by a relationship, rather than happily a part of a relationship.

The bartender pushes two glasses of beer and the daiquiri inside a small toucan wearing a tuxedo toward the trio. Mike begins to arrange the peanuts in perfect rows. 

Yeah, weird logic. Why did you say S.O. then go onto refer to the S.O. as her?

Irrelevant. But you really shouldn’t let little microscopic things like that bug you. My boyfriend, approaching 30, is drinking a strawberry daiquiri out of a toucan…

Yeah completely unacceptable but I guess it really doesn’t matter. 

Mike chuckles and Sid nods at the daiquiri. Sid takes one peanut off of the rows Mike had arranged. 

It’s probably really selfish that I’m doing this. I can’t imagine what Abby would come up with if she did the same thing. 

The other day I found Mike picking dead skin off of his body and arranging it on our table, much like he’s doing now with the peanuts. I don’t know what he does with that skin but it’s probably disgusting and I love him all the same. 

Mike separates the rows of peanuts and begins working on a new arrangement. The bar tender looks over at him and curls his lips in, shaking his head back and forth. Sid turns to Mike.

You’re comfortable doing that while she’s around?

I mean yeah I guess. I don’t really pick a time. It doesn’t really matter if she’s around or not. She might be present when my eczema is misbehaving and, its like, am I supposed to ignore the fact I have a life altering condition just so she doesn’t get grossed out?

Life altering.

Mike takes the straw out of his drink and sips directly from the beak. 

I wouldn’t fret Sid. There will come a time in your life where all of the do’s and don’t’s will disappear. In my years I’ve learned the secret to a perfect relationship is not having any do’s or don’t’s. Everything just blurs together, kind of seamlessly. 

Macy gets up to change up to change the song on the jukebox. SEE YOU IN HAVANA by The Hit Parade begins to play. She comes backs to the bar and takes a sip of Mike’s drink, setting it down back to the bar with a little flying motion. 

Aren’t you only like a year older than me?

Mike gulps the rest of his drink down quickly. He presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth and scrunches his face in tightly. Macy begins to laugh

The bird bites back. 

MIKE (shaking his head):
Nope, brain freeze, real bad one. And yeah Sid, I’m a year older than you. Big whoop - there you go quantifying things again. 

All three of them start laughing. Mike gets up to dance and motions to Macy, almost knocking a platter out from under the arms of a WAITRESS (23). Macy palms her forehead but gets up anyway. Sid looks over to see the nest of peanuts around Mike’s glass. He takes his cellphone from his front pocket and calls Abby. 

SID (into the phone):
Stranded on an island. In the Middle of Sea. Could I count you? To come rescue me.