About Me

Bonjour bonjour ! My name is Mr. Molino and I am thrilled to be returning to Montgomery Upper Middle School for my second year!  My mission is to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment in which students explore French and francophone cultures while acquiring proficiency in the French language. Although my grandmother is a native French speaker, she actually didn't teach French to my father and his siblings. (She and my grandfather REALLY regret that decision!)  That meant that she also didn't teach it to me, my siblings, or my cousins.  (What a shame, right?!)  So although French was the obvious language choice for me in high school, I did have to learn it the hard way.  (Having a French grandmother definitely did help, though!) I visited France and my extended family for the first time when I was 15 years old and I instantly became a francophile (in other words, a lover of all things French).  It was so cool to be able to speak to my family, learn about their culture, and actually understand what they were saying!  In college, I majored in French Civilization, and then I packed my bags and moved to Bordeaux, France, where I spent a year teaching English to French students.   After that, I came back and completed my Master's degree in French Education.   I'm so excited for the new school year, and I can't wait to share my passion for and love of the French language and culture with my students!  À bientôt !