2010 Winter Concert

posted Jan 31, 2011, 12:06 PM by Unknown user
Our Winter Concert at MS 126 was a great success and a wonderful celebration of students' achievements. This concert provided a good support for all student performances.  There were a combination of several genres in this concert, such as instrumentalists, singers, dancers, solo performances, rap, and poetry, which created an enjoyable environment for those listening and watching. It was a pleasure to hear singers like Alejandra Negron, Kayleen Pacheco & Chelsy Handel, Rube Giboyeaux, Ariana Acosta & Savannvah, Janet Chamorro, and watch the performance by Ashley Estevez & Judely Collado. The dance group directed by Ms. Latesha Powells added another dimension to the concert performance. It is important to mention that the poetry and rap compositions by individual students have worked hard from September through December on their compositions for this event. Ruben Giboyeaux wrote his own poetry and created his own rap music beat. Judely Collado wrote and read her own poem while accompanied on the piano by fellow classmate Ashley Estevez.

We are looking forward to the Spring Concert and celebrate more achievements in the months to come.

This concert was made possible with the support of Ms. Ochoa, Ms. Chen, Mr. Sefa, Ms. Schiff, Ms. Powells, Mr. Cheng, Mr. Chen, and Ms. Pollack.