Madison School Board Members

James Curran - Chairperson

386 Moores Pond rd.

Silver Lake NH 03875

C 566-0419

Term expires: 2025

Sarah DeMartino

Term expires: 2025

Michael Brooks - Vice Chair

Term expires: 2023

Jeremy Cox

Term expires: 2023

Ed Robinson

Term expires: 2024

School Board Officers

Chairperson: Jim Curran

Vice Chairperson: Michael Brooks

Moderator: George Epstein

Treasurer/Check Signing: Jordann Firman

Clerk and Secretary: Pat Ambrose

Executive Secretary-Exofficio: Superintendent

Committee Member Assignments 2022-23

Budget (1 member): Michael Brooks

Manifest Signing (2 members/1 alternate): Jim Curran and Ed Robinson. Michael Brooks as alternate

School Beautification Committee (Little Red Schoolhouse): Michael Brooks and Jeremy Cox

SAU 9/13 Area Joint Board (3 members): Sarah DeMartino, Ed Robinson, and Jeremy Cox

CIP Rep (1 member): Jim Curran

NHSBA Delegate (1 member): TBD

Policy Committee: Ed Robinson and Jeremy Cox

Negotiations Committee: Sarah DeMartino and Michael Brooks

Tuition Options (Cooperative District Planning Committee): Michael Brooks and Sarah DeMartino

Reopening Task Force: Sarah DeMartino with Jim Curran as backup

Data Governance Committee: Ed Robinson with Jim Curran as backup