Image of St Ann's Square where tributes were laft
Following the terror attack at Manchester Arena on Monday 22 May 2017, which tragically killed 22 people and injured many more, work has been underway across Greater Manchester and beyond to provide immediate care, treatment and support to all those affected.

The families of those who lost their lives, people who suffered injuries and others affected by this will continue to be supported by a range of public and voluntary services, over the coming weeks and months.

We are coordinating information, support services and working alongside the Police, NHS, councils, charities, voluntary organisations and the fire service in taking this forward.

The terror attack has affected people in many different ways. Help is available, no matter what your circumstances, if you or someone you know needs it.

Support is available from:

Anyone affected by the Manchester attack can access these services, but if you are under 16 service providers may need to contact your parent or guardian before offering additional services. They will only contact your parent or guardian with your permission.