Tests/ Reminders


Language Arts: 

1) Comprehension Quiz: Fri. 3/6

*Students will be working on concepts throughout the week and will be tested on those skills. The quiz is different from the weekly reading packet.
*This is a test students cannot study for.  They read a passage or passages "cold" and are tested on their comprehension, etc.  

2) Storyworks: No quiz scheduled at this time. 

*Students will be working on the story that week. Students can access the story and resources at Storyworks. Our class code is: Baylaurel17.

Social Studies: 

1) Week 27 Quiz: 3/5 (Students may use their Studies Weekly newspaper to find text evidence for their answers.)
*Read over each section and do the online activities to prepare. 


1) Chapter 9 Test: T 3/17 & Th 3/19 (The test review will be completed on 3/16 and 3/18.): *Consider Think Central practice for a refresher (See below)
*Students will take a practice test the day before that they should study from.
*Online test practice is available at Think Central for all chapters: Directions for Accessing Think Central.