Absences, Tardies, and Leaving Early


1.  If your child is absent from school, please call the Bay Laurel Attendance Line at 818-591-7867 as soon as possible. You have 72 hours to do this before an absence is considered a truancy, which cannot be changed at that point. Notes are not necessary if you call the attendance line. Students can pick up missed work when they return to school, as work will no longer be sent home on a day-to-day basis. For every day absent, students will have an additional day to make up work after they return. For example, a student out sick for two days will have two extra days from his/her date of return to complete work. If your child is sick, then he/she should be resting at home, getting better. I will determine the amount of work required and the timeline for missed work upon his/her return so your child is not overwhelmed.

2. If your child is going to be absent for five or more days, please request an Independent Study Contract. I need at least a week's notice prior to the requested dates to organize all of the work.


Students are considered late after 8:15 AM. If the attendance has already been sent in, your child must go to the office to get a tardy slip.

Leaving Early

If your child has an appointment that requires him/her to leave early, please try to let me know in advance. However, I encourage you to try to schedule appointments after school, if possible, because he/she would be missing important lessons, discussions and activities.