Homework Policy

Students are responsible for writing down their own homework and making sure that they take home all of the necessary materials. However, please check your child's work periodically and make sure he/she cleans out his/her homework folder and backpack frequently. Weekly assignments, upcoming test dates and reminders will be posted on this web page for your convenience.

Homework will be given Monday through Thursday and the majority of assignments are due the following day. Generally, it is not assigned on Friday and the weekend, with the exception of long-term projects. If homework is not turned in on time, you will receive a note to sign and return so you are aware of it.

Although content is important, the main focus will be on the quality of work that is turned in. Work done too quickly, with minimal effort, may be considered incomplete and students may be asked to redo the assignment. Homework is an extension of in-class learning designed to reinforce newly learned concepts and frequently incomplete assignments will result in lower grades.

Sustained silent reading (SSR) is an essential part of our Language Arts program, as well as a lifelong skill. It is highly recommended that your student read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night. This should be a book they enjoy and not part of any school reading assignment.