Daily 5 Media Station

 Cause and Effect
Song    Matching Game    Matching Game 2
Quia Jeopardy    BrainPop    Slide Show    Anchor Chart
Mrs. Warner      Pittsford Schools 
 Author's Purpose
Battleship Game
Pittsford Schools 
Brainpop          Possessive Song
Common and Proper Noun Video
Balloon Game         Noun Basketball Game
Quia Noun Review         Schoolhouse Rock- Nouns
Noun Check         Mrs. Warner     Noun Fish Game          Possessive Game             Slide show and practice      
 Proper Nouns Song
Grammar Practice
Brain Pop: Interjections

Subject, Object, and Possessive Pronoun - Fill In Activity
Subject and Object Pronoun Game
Pronoun Song
Schoolhouse Rock- Pronouns

Text Features
Mrs. Warner      Video      Rap
 Text Structure
V ***Behind the Scenes: Mountain of Fire
Basketball Game with Text Structures
Text Structure Video 1
Text Structure video 2
 Subject Predicate
Subject Predicate Song
Fling The Teacher
Roller Coaster Game       Subject Speedway Game
School House Rock
What is a homonym lesson         Using homonyms
Word jumbler homonyms    Mrs. Warner
Main Idea
***V Main idea Brain Pop
Roller Coasters
Find the Main Idea
Mrs. Warner        Pittsford Schools 
Main Idea Quia

 Character Traits

Point of View 
V: Brain Pop
V: Flocabulary  
 Text Evidence
What is Text Evidence?
Learn Zillion 
Text Song

V: What is theme?
V: Explaining the theme 
Slideshow: Theme vs. Moral
Common Themes
*Resources compiled by the Chaparral Elementary 5th Grade Team