Goals and Expectations
It is important to know that fourth grade is a process as well as a year of transitions. The most obvious one is adjusting from a class of 20 to over 30 students. Throughout the year I teach students about the importance of being organized and managing their time so they can become more independent learners. If your child is busy after school, please help him/her develop a homework schedule.

Your child has a three-ring binder with dividers for each subject. This is where he/she will keep the majority of his/her work. Each section is expected to be neat and organized. 

Subjects and Grading

Las Virgenes Unified School District utilizes a standards based report card. The grades will reflect your child's overall performance on in-class assignments and assessments. Class participation in discussions and group activities are also included in the grading process. Please review the tests with your child and check Aeries regularly so that you can track his/her progress throughout the year. In addition, I do not give any additional extra credit assignments to raise grades beyond the opportunities given to the class as a whole, except in Social Studies. Interim progress reports are sent home about halfway through the trimester to alert you to specific areas that need attention, but please contact me at anytime if you have questions and/or concerns.

Language Arts

Click on the attachment below to view our Language Arts program. (To be updated soon.)

Social Studies

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In order to best meet the math needs of our students, we provide flexible grouping. Once your child has been placed, any questions or concerns about progress should be directed to his/her math teacher. In addition, the math homework posted on my web page will be for my math students only.

Click on the attachment below to view our math program.
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