Sight Words

You will find more information on our First Grade Sight words under the Reading & Language Arts section of the website.

Sight Words By Being a Reader Week

Week 1: No new words

Week 2: No new words

Week 3: her, she, can't, isn't, to, get

Week 4: no, yes, down, go, where, my

Week 5: by, here, saw, they, was, little

Week 6: put, what, do, like, have, home

Week 7: said, of, her, his, some, come

Week 8: out, say, says, so, make, there

Week 9: be, look, good, want, water, from

Week 10: for, again, many, people, your, very

Week 11: could, would, should, were, both, does

Week 12: every, other, mother, brother, woman, women

Week 13: boy, toward, over, their, old, cold

Week 14: told, one, two, don't, won't, too

Week 15: who, school, thought, father, after, work

Week 16: head, read, never, ever, only, give

Week 17: live, walk, talk, because, children, even

Week 18: picture, move, great, though, once, enough

Week 19: watch, been, few, kind, find, mind

Week 20: word, four, answer, learn, young, large

Week 21: earth, most, change

Weeks 22-end of year: review all sight words