Math Facts

One of the first grade math standards is proficiency in knowledge of math facts up to 10. Our math curriculum places heavy emphasis on addition and subtraction concepts and gives our students several strategies to master this essential skill. The following strategies are being taught and practiced throughout the school year:

  • Counting on (5+2=7, count on 2 past 5)
  • Counting backwards (12-1=11, count back 1 from 12)
  • Memorizing doubles facts (adding two of the same number; 4+4=8)
  • Using the order property (7+3=10 has the same sum as 3+7=10)
  • Related facts/ fact families (making the connection between addition and subtraction; the facts 4+2=6, 2+4=6, 6-2=4, 6-4=2 are related)

In order to assess our students' mastery of the facts as we learn them, we will give timed tests on a regular basis throughout the year. These are similar to the assessment used in our trimester reporting. There are five sets of tests beginning with facts to 6 and progressing to facts beyond our first grade standard. The children will have five minutes to complete each test (36 problems on the addition and 24 problems on the subtraction). In order to move to the next level, students must miss no more than 2 problems. We will send the graded tests home so you can see your child's progress and help practice the facts.