Keyboarding Technique

Keyboarding is a modern-day skill.  Students can begin exploring the keyboard on the Chromebook by inputting letters and keyboard commands.  Helping students learn keyboarding techniques early allows them a platform to share thoughts and ideas as they become creators of digital content.  In order for students to develop into creators, they must be taught how to input their their thoughts into a digital format.  Therefore, it is important to teach proper technique and correct keyboard skills along with receiving a new device.  The keyboarding focus in the elementary grades should be accuracy and proper technique, not speed. 

Benefits of learning keyboarding skills:
  • saves time
  • improves hand-eye coordination
  • authentic way to share your thoughts and ideas
  • modern way to collaborate with others
  • improvement in quantity of writing 
  • improvement in quality of writing 
  • improvement in spelling skills
  • improvement in reading comprehension