Lesson 8 - Share a Google Doc

10 minutes
Part 1:  
Today students will share the Google Document from Lesson 7 with one or two classmates.  Be prepared to tell students who will be their partner in step 6.  Students will need a username of their partner.  This can be a list of usernames (not passwords) in one location in the classroom or students can verbally tell their partner their username.

1.  Login to the Chromebook.
2.  Click on the app launcher and then the app that says Google Drive.
3.  In My Drive, you will find your document called Practice.   Open this document.  

4.  You should see your sentence, Today is __________ .  
Change the date to be correct.

5.  In the top right corner, click the blue Share button.  
6.  Your teacher will tell you who you will share your document with.  
At Invite people, type your partner's Gmail address:  username@lsr7.net

Click Share & Save.  

Note: If you get an error message, there is an error in the Gmail address.  Try again.  Ask your partner for help.

7.  Close the document by closing the tab at the top.  

20 minutes
Part 2:  Keyboarding

Dance Mat Typing
Keyboarding Skill
Level 3

New Skill:  lower reaches b,n