Primary Keyboarding Goals

Computer Readiness & Operations Students 
  • Respect the Chromebook and handle it carefully
  • Name the keyboard, monitor, cursor, and touch pad
  • Recognize that the keyboard is used to put text on a Chromebook
  • (Kindergarten) Understand how to click using the a touch screen 
  • Understand how to click using the a touch pad 
  • Understand how to click, drag and drop objects 
Pre-Keyboarding Skills
  • Type username and password 
  • Use both hands to type
  • Recognize that Letter Keys produce a letter 
  • Recognize that Number Keys produce a number or symbol 
  • Use Letter and Number Keys on a keyboard 
  • Type individual letters and numbers 
Keyboarding Skills
  • Recognize the keys and the jobs they do: 
    • Enter
    • Spacebar
    • Arrows
    • Tab
    • Backspace
    • Shift
    • Caps Lock 
  • Use thumb on Spacebar to create spaces 
  • Type name, words, lists, simple sentences, and numbers
Advanced Keyboarding Skills 
What you do for the students who have already mastered the basics?
  • Use proper posture and hand and body positions 
  • Identify Home, Top and Bottom Row Letter Keys 
  • Place correct fingers on Home Row, Top Row, and Bottom Row keys using proper finger placement 
  • Use both hands to type letters, words, and sentences 
  • Continue to the next level of keyboarding practice sites
  • Compose fiction and non-fiction writing samples
Suggested Keyboarding Practice
  • At home practice of typing username and password
  • Open Google Doc and practice typing random sounds
  • When doing a Google search, students can use their voice and watch their voice turn into text
  • Google Extension "Convert text to speech" will read text to students.  Students can type and then listen to what they have typed.