Apps and Extensions for Students

Apps and Extensions can added by going to the Chrome Web Store.
Chrome Apps: Apps shortcuts to a website. Some require additional set-up. 
Chrome Extensions: Extensions are installed in the browser and give you added abilities to make using your Chromebook easier.

Some Apps and Extensions Automatically 
Pushed to All Elementary Grades 
(Students cannot remove or update.)
1-Click Timer (extension) - Interactive timer
ADDieMATH - Basic fact practice
Dell Activity Light - Changes color of light on Chromebook: blue, red, yellow
Google Classroom - Time saving tool to keep classes organized 

Coming soon -  Schoology - Link to LSR7 login

Apps are basically a shortcut to a website.  The advantage to using the App is that sometimes the App will login with Google and save to Google Drive for a smooth workflow.  This depends on the development of the App.  The list below are Apps that are popular to use among students and teachers. In the middle column are links to collections of Apps.  

Creativity and Creation Tools:
Information and Practice Tools:

Collections of Apps 
There are collections of Apps in the Chrome Web Store that center around a specific topic.  Each of the collections listed below links to a collection kept updated by Google (not LSR7).  Therefore, you get the most up-to-date Apps when you search, but you will have to sort and toss the ones you like and do not like and ignore those that are for pay.      
Extensions are tools that allow each user to customize what they need in order to be more productive on their device.  The list below are extensions that are popular to use among students and teachers. 
  • AdBlock Plus - LSR7 Recommended AdBlock Extension (When AdBlock is turned on other tools may not work.  Uers will need to turn off AdBlock to allow those tools to work.)
  • App Jump - Shortcut to Users Apps; Can also organize collection
  • Clip Champ - Create video
  • QR Code - Create and read QR codes 
  • Screencastify - Create screencasts and videos
  • Share to Classroom - Allows teachers to push sites to students in real-time and more
  • SnagIt - Create screenshots and screencasts
  • Speak It Select text to be read to you
  • Tab Scissors - Separates tabs into separate screens
  • URL Shorter - Shortens URLs with the ability to copy and paste elsewhere