Chromebook Care

Chromebooks for Elementary

Chromebook Clean Up for Spring 2017

Chromebook Care Reminders
  • Take good care of your Chromebook.  You will continue to use the same Chromebook for 3 more years. (This is 4 years total.  It started in 2015-2016.)

  • Carry your Chromebook with both hands.

  • Set your Chromebook on a flat surface to use it.  An example of a flat surface is a desk or table.

  • Keep food and drinks away from your Chromebook.  In other words, do not eat or drink while you are using the Chromebook.  Instead, take a study break away from your Chromebook.

  • Never place a heavy object or a lot of objects on top of your Chromebook.

  • Don't squeeze your Chromebook into an already full and tight backpack or bag.

  • Keep your Chromebook clean.

  • Charge your Chromebook every night at home.

    • If you close the lid of your Chromebook, you will help save the battery.

    • You can use your Chromebook when the level is low.  Just remember to charge when you get home.

    • When you plug in your Chromebook to charge it, look for the charging light indicator.  This will assure you that your Chromebook is being charged.  

    • Let the Chromebook completely charge to a full battery.

    • Charging a Chromebook could take up to 2 hours.  Therefore, plug it in to charge and go do something else.