Project Overview

ESE, in partnership with the Governor's Readiness Centers, has developed a new series on curriculum mapping as a core tool for communicating about and aligning curriculum and instruction across grades, subject areas, and schools. During the first year of the series, which included an introductory webinar, six subject-based webinars, a four two-day summer institutes across the state, participants discussed the status of curriculum mapping in their districts, gained access to sample models and other support resources, and used guided planning time to take their curriculum planning to the next level. In the second year of the project, we will share curriculum map examples and resources from school districts around the Commonwealth.
The complete series, which is funded by a Race to the Top grant, will include:
•       Webinar 1: Introduction (March 7 and 8)
•       Webinar 2: Mapping Common Core Shifts in History, ELA, and Math (May)
•       Summer Institute: Guided Team Time (four 2-day regional institutes, June/July)
•       Webinar 3: Sharing Examples (Winter 2013-14)
•       Website with examples and other resources
•       Coaching Support
Curriculum mapping, webinars, institutes, and resources are available to all MA public school districts.