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Best Buddies, is a friendship program that creates a connection between the intellectually disabled and the general population students at LCHS. This chapter has so many members of all grade levels and is one of the most beneficial clubs, LCHS has to offer. As part of Best Buddies, you can choose to take on several different roles. We have two common gen. ed. Opportunities, the first being an associate member. This type of member, would show up to our meetings when they are available, along with helping up set up and run many of our large events we host during the school year. We also have our peer buddies, which we encourage everyone to become. This type of position, allows you to actually be paired with one of our school intellectually disabled students. With that being said, you and your body would be expected to eat lunch together once a week and have a consistent line of communication, talking to one another at least once a week. As a peer buddy, your goal is to help offer support, guidance, listening ear, and most importantly, a friend to the buddies.

Best Buddies is an international organization as well, that is spanned all across the United States. That being said, our Best Buddies chapter, connects often during the year with the other chapter at the other three high school, as well as some of the middle schools. Best Buddies, is a club filled with fun, connection, and growing to become a better person and leader. Our chapter goes on many yearly field trips, including the Pumpkin Patch, The Southern NM State Fair, the Challenger Center. The Downtown Museums, Sierra Middle School’s Valentines Dance, Project Unified Events, and even just simply going to Peter Piper for a fun afternoon. Our chapter itself, hosts a yearly Project Unified kickball game against another chapter, we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day, and End of the Year parties, and one of our biggest events is the Best Buddies Prom we host! This is one of the only clubs you can join that not only allows you to help another person grow as an individual, but will also help you grow into a better character. This club hosts meeting twice a week at lunch and is always looking for new interest from students!

To join our virtual meetings (First and Third Tuesday of the month), please email Ms. Sherri Nolan at with your full name, student number and school email address and she will send you an invite to the canvas page so that you can have access the zoom and get the announcements.

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