Actions & Other Information:

  • Monitor your screen time found in your settings of your phone or ipad

  • Enable privacy settings on your accounts

  • Never share your password with anyone except your parents. Change passwords often.

  • Don’t get anyone else’s password. If something happens on their account, you could be held responsible if you have access.

  • Be selective about the people you allow into your social networking sites.

  • Don’t trust people online that you haven’t already met face-to-face.

  • Don’t share anything you would not feel comfortable having your family see.

  • Don’t share inappropriate photos

  • Don’t make offensive comments or use foul language

  • Never respond to harassing or rude comments.

  • Save or print evidence of cyberbullying

  • Block the person’s email, address, instant message screen name or phone number from your computer or phone - who might be cyberbullying you.

  • If you are being cyberbullied, tell your parents, guardian or another adult you trust.

  • Don’t share personal information including your home address, birthday, vacation plans, or any information that could be used to answer security questions.

  • Use ghost locator on snapchat so others do not know your location.