Healthy relationships with others reduces stress and improves overall wellness. They nurture us, help us grow, and become better people. -U of Minnesota

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Eight signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  1. You have to endure teasing, insults or put downs that hurt, especially if they continue after you’ve told the other person the comments make you feel bad.

  2. You feel pressure to do things or act in ways that make you uncomfortable

  3. You feel like you can’t talk honestly to the other person about how you really feel.

  4. You feel like you can’t trust the other person because they aren’t honest with you.

  5. The other person tries to control who you’re friends with, what you do, how you dress, or generally bosses you around. (This one is a little different with your parents. But even though they get to have some say in your life, you should still be able to talk honestly with them about how you feel and work through disagreements.

  6. The other person becomes unreasonably jealous of connections you have with your family,friends or other people in your life.

  7. The other person tells you to keep the relationship a secret, or asks you to keep secrets that make you uncomfortable.

  8. You feel threatened in any way.