Athletic Training


Athletic Training at LCHS is a program that provides a fun way to learn how to care and service injured athletes. Whether that be wound care or rehabilitation, athletic training is the way you learn how to treat any possible injury in athletes.

You learn how to address stressful situations, such having to wrap up an athlete during a time out, in the midst of a game, to simply learning to make the proper ice bag! This program also emphasizes a huge focus on how to treat those in the rehabilitation process. Attending to these patients, allow you to learn about wound care, different types of wrapping/ tapping for different body parts, and ultimately responsibility, communication skills, and team work, to achieve a full recovery. Our trainers treat these athletes with high concern and safety at all times. They prioritize each individual case and will help you through your full recovery process, from day one! This program is one big family of students, who learn the value of team work, compromise, and are willing to learn new skills to help them succeed.

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Teacher Sponsor

Alex Munoz

Meeting Location: Training Room