N3FYI Repeater System Information / APRS Nodes

 Look at all that MOTOROLA!

70 Centimeter Repeaters
446.475- Yaesu System Fusion - PL 114.8

446.475- PL 114.8
 ~ Simulcast System - Project on hold, testing Fusion repeater currently
(3) Motorola MTR-2000 repeaters, Trimble Thunderbolt GPS Units, Dell Server w/Solid State HD for reliability.

Site 1: Rawlinsville - Live
Site 2: TBD
Site 3: TBD
Allstar node # 28989

Connection between sites provided by the CPIN Microwave Network
We are currently looking for additional sites to put the remaining 2 Motorola MTR-2000 repeaters to provide expanded coverage within the CPIN network territory.

6 Meter Repeater - 53.850- PL 114.8 
Split site between Rawlinsville-1 and Rawlinsville-2 tower facilities.

2 Meter Repeater - 145.310- PL 118.8
New Motorola MTR-2000 repeater on the air as of 07/14, Kenwood is installed as a spare/backup for redundancy.
Original repeater and associated equipment owned by LEMA through the state task force grant program.

N3FYI APRS Network
N3FYI-1 - Rawlinsville Site Weather Station
N3FYI-5 - Northern PA Weather Station - Tioga, PA
N3FYI-9 - N3FYI's Work Truck Tracker
N3FYI-7 - N3FYI's Jeep Tracker
N3FYI-10 - Solar Portable Repeater (JDE)
N3FYI-11 - Solar Portable Repeater (HAM)

1.35 Meter Repeater 224.320- PL 114.8
New repeater on the air as of 6/1/2013, antenna is currently mounted a bit close to the tower, and we will be moving it outward over the summer when time permits, to increase coverage a bit.

BLUE = Up / Red = Down