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Working as a Locksmith for many years I have seen so many Different Situations  happen where people need to call a Locksmith. (Scroll to the bottom for Lock Related Articles)

Wooden Doors (being locked-out on the Latch)

The most obvious one is being Locked-Out of a Wooden Door that has a Yale Lock, The Yale Lock is an automatic locking device so unless the Latch is being held back by the Snib, every time the Door shuts, it will Lock, and if you have gone outside without a Key you will be Locked-Out.

So no matter how diligent you are about always carrying a Key, it will probably happen to you unless you plan ahead.

  1. Leave a Key with a neighbor.

  2. Leave a Key with someone who might live Miles away (they could send it by Taxi)

  3. Fit a Coded Key-Box in a hidden Location. (just leave the Yale Key in it)

  4. Put the Telephone Number of a reliable Emergency Locksmith In a Ground Floor Window, where you can read it.

uPVC and Composite Doors (being locked-out on the Latch)

Upvc and Composite Doors can have Split-Spindle fitted into the Lock-Handles, with this system fitted: pressing the Inside Handle will always let you out, but from the outside you will need a Key to pull the Latch Back, so it works just like a Yale Lock. as Locksmiths we know from experience that this causes as many Lockouts as Yale Locks on wooden Doors, so if you're Lock is like this, Plan Ahead.

Why should we have a Yale Lock and a Mortice Lock on a Wooden Front Door?

Back in the day the Front Door only had a Yale Lock fitted, but in the 1950's & 60’s people started to fit a mortice lock in addition to the Yale Lock, this suited our lifestyle because we would use the Yale Lock to secure our Homes during the Day whilst we were at Home then at Night or when we were Out we would Lock the Mortice Lock.

Carrying on with this tradition of Daytime Security and Nighttime Security, Upvc and Composite Door Manufacturers have continued this feature into their Doors.

Doors that use automatic Locking are the most common form of Lockout that Locksmiths get called out for, use the advice above to limit the Cost if it happens to you.

Leaving the Keys in the Outside of your Front Door Lock

When locking the Front Door to go out you accidentally leave the Keys in the Lock, at some point you may realise you don't have your keys with you or you find out when you get Home and one of the following happen:-

  1. You're Keys are still in the Door

  2. A Stranger passing, put your Keys through your Letterbox

  3. A Neighbor saw your Keys and is Keeping them safe and has put a note on your Door

  4. A Stranger saw your Keys and is Keeping them safe and has put a note on your Door

  5. A Stranger has took your Keys and will try to use them in a couple of weeks

If its Item’s 4 or 5  then you should have you're Lock Changed by a Locksmith, if you asked your Insurance Company for Advice they may Advise that Anytime your Key goes out of your Possession to someone you do not know or Trust you should take action to have your Locks Changed.

This will Indemnify the Insurance Company against a possible future Loss if someone has entered your House with Keys and removed property.

Taking the Wrong Set of Keys Out with you

You pick up a set of Keys, when you get outside you realise that this set doesn't have a Front Door Key on it, and the door has now locked behind you. Now you need a  Family Member or a Locksmith to let you back in.

Lost Keys for your Front Door

You have lost your Front Door Key in the following  circumstances:-

  1. In the vicinity of your House

  2. In the Street near your House

  3. In a Taxi

  4. They could be anywhere, don't know

  5. In a neighbor's House

Should you Change your Locks? you already know what advice the Police and Insurance Company would say if you asked them, but it's your choice, take a chance or change the Lock.


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