Adult and family literacy is a ‘partnership’ industry.  The Literacy Council understands the absolute need for partnering in order to achieve its mission.  Our partners include:

Volunteers – tutors, trainers, interpreters, family program volunteers, fundraising volunteers, and volunteer experts such as for bookkeeping or special projects.

Donors – individuals, organizations, and businesses. This can include cash donations, special expertise or services, and materials donations such as computers, furniture etc.  We have a WISH LIST of items needed.

Funders – foundations, businesses or government entities who make grants to competing programs.

Fundraiser supporters – corporate sponsors, in-kind partners and participants.

Space partners -- places that allow tutoring on their sites. Examples include libraries, businesses, churches, and schools.

Contract partners – providers and businesses who ‘hire’ JCLC to serve their clients or workers. Examples include Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department or an area employer hosting our services on site for their workers.

Referral partners – people who recognize literacy needs and create pathways for individuals who need our services to find their way to JCLC. This can be as informal as one individual encouraging another to take the step and contact JCLC or as formal as a service provider who calls us on behalf of their client to create a bridge for them to enroll at JCLC. Examples include Madison College, Jefferson County Human Services, schools and libraries.Do you have a creative idea for partnering with JCLC? We want to hear about it!