I was thrilled to discover how easy it was to implement the new things I learned in the Change The Conversation workshop! A few communication tools each week was helpful throughout the company. We had time to apply the tools and learn from each other. Gail's email reminders kept us on track each week.

Gail’s knowledge and style was engaging and inclusive. She was available to discuss and provide solutions to our specific questions and unique situations.

 In a busy Condominium Management company, I went from struggling with difficult and problematical Condominium Owners, to being able to listen in a new way, actually hearing their concerns and frustrations. The most powerful tool I utilized was dealing with high emotion. It was amazing how I could now calm emotions and we could shift to constructive conversations, quickly exploring solutions.

 Thank you, Gail. I learned so much, and can use these same tools, with family, friends, neighbors and in all areas of my life. It certainly has boosted the effectiveness of my communication!   HS, Condominium Management

    Gail from ‘Hope to Help’ is such a pleasure to work with because of her pleasant and positive attitude. She brings her            knowledge of Condo’s and the bylaws to the Newsletters and is an excellent fit for anyone looking to improve their                communications with Owners.    ~ LR, Property Manager 

Thank you very much. I know you put heart and soul into this project and have worked at getting around all the frustrations. I appreciate all your hard work and working hand in hand with us.    ~ SO, Business Owner

    Gail at Hope to Help makes newsletters EASY for my boards. Her knowledge of how a condo operates is priceless. She        takes the load off my boards – and me – when it comes to keeping owners informed. ~CC, Property Manager

Gail, you are an outstanding example of a team player, jumping in to help other divisions with presentations, and taking the initiative to try to have some fun. You quickly became an integral component to the team and the Professionals division, and could be relied on to provide valuable insight into accounts and volunteers, identifying potential problems or issues and offering effective suggestions or strategies to overcome obstacles.  ~ IS, Fundraising Organization

    When you came to us we had several products in development and many items on the table. The goal was to organize        ourselves and our processes, then bring the products to market. Your sound business knowledge was a great addition.  I     appreciate your practical business approaches with common sense applications, which provided us with solid workable        structures. Thank you Gail for your constant reminders to get the building blocks in place and your assistance in                implementing background framework to systematize our company.   ~ GK, Accreditation Systems