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For your organization, community or team.

Newsletter Process

For Condominium Boards and Property Managers


  1. Board decides to hire Hope To Help Inc. to produce Newsletter at Annual Rate.  Annual Rate includes a maximum of 12 issues, and maximum 2 pages per issue.
  2. Newsletter Contact information is forwarded to Hope To Help Inc. – either Condominium contact or Property Manager.
  3. Purchase Order number is sent to Hope To Help Inc., at which time an Invoice will be created and emailed.
  4. Hope To Help Inc. and Newsletter Contact will connect by phone initially to clarify timing for Newsletters, design, etc.
  5. Hope To Help Inc. will produce initial draft(s) for Newsletter design until approved.
  6. Subsequent Newsletters will follow initial design. Contact can email notes or point form info for the current issue of the Newsletter. Hope To Help Inc. will format, wordsmith, and add graphics including additional Condominium/Community Living tips as space allows.
  7.  Completed Newsletters will be sent to Newsletter Contact as a PDF to post, reproduce, distribute.
  8. Hope To Help Inc. is flexible to adjust above processes to meet your needs.