Project Backgroud


This project is organised by Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association and funded by the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (Organisation Support Programme) of the Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government.

The Objectives
  1. Equip HK logistics SMEs with knowledge of 8 specific retailing sectors
  2. Document the knowledge to formulate winning strategies of HK logistics SMEs in providing logistics service for different retailing sectors
  3. disseminate the strategies to upgrade the service & competitiveness of HK logistics practitioners 
  4. Promote HK logistics SME branding & image in Hong Kong and the Mainland

6 Key Deliverables 

  1. Opening Seminar Preparation and Conduction
  2. 8 focus Groups with Specific Themes: (E-Commerce B-2-C Market, Departmental Stores, Food, Wine, Catering & Restaurant, Cosmetic, Luxury Goods, Health Product) 
  3. Hong Kong Logistics Company Guidebook Content Compilation and Production (3,000 copies)
  4. Result Dissemination Seminar
  5. 9 Training Workshops
  6. Closing Seminar 
Project Extension – 36 Winning Strategies in Logistics Industry

A series of seminars was organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association to share winning strategies with practitioners in Hong Kong’s Logistics Industry. The seminar series was initiated under the “Hong Kong Logistics Practitioners Upgrading and Branding Programme”, which was funded by the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department. 

The objectives of the seminar series include understanding the contemporary logistics market, reframing the value chain, brainstorming to develop winning strategies for the logistics industry, promoting collaboration among practitioners in the industry, providing opportunities to share knowledge on innovative business models, and recommending a future study agenda.

Project Constraints

Despite of receiving advice and comments from professionals of the 8 industries and literature studies on the eight areas, the adoption of the materials requires further review because of policies and market changes.