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Hello, and welcome to the W.G. Nunn CATalyst website! I am excited for the opportunity to work with you this year! We have many interesting and engaging opportunities before us. As we learn and grow together, this site, along with our CATalyst Facebook page (W.G. Nunn CATalyst), will provide you with ongoing support and bridge the gap between the classroom and your home. As you explore, you will find information that will keep you in the loop and allow you to be an involved member of the learning process. Here's to a great year!

What is CATalyst?

Elementary Gifted students in our CATalyst Program are provided a unique learning experience through differentiated thematic curriculum units. Curriculum objectives focus on developing critical and creative thinking, higher order reasoning, and advanced research and reference skills.

Gifted services are provided to eligible students Kindergarten through Grade 5 and students are served a minimum of 5 segments per week. Delivery models for Kindergarten through Grade 5 are resource and cluster grouping.

The CATalyst Program at W.G. Nunn Elementary serves 30+ students in grades K-5. Students are served one full day a week in a resource model classroom by the Gifted lead teacher. Curriculum content includes opportunities to develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, research and reference, communication, and leadership. The content utilized to teach the skills is varied and includes aspects of all subject areas, including technology.


Anne Cardella
CATalyst Program
W.G. Nunn Elementary
Phone: 229.333.8575

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