Surveys are available to complete at every Review Day and Parents' Evening.
Pupils' have the opportunity to complete Surveys each term.  Our Student Council also play an active part in providing on-going feedback.
Your views are very important to us.  Suggestions are welcome both informally and formally as these can help us continue to improve our school and the experiences for our pupils'.
As a result of feedback and suggestions from parents and carers we ran an additional Parents Information Evening for Year 7 in September this year to explain a range of school activities including the Accelerated Reading programme and the Commitment Ladder.  Plus, we added an Induction Evening in May, additional to the Induction Evening in July, for parents and carers of children transfering from Year 6 to Gladesmore. This enabled us to share further details of the Shine@Gladesmore Summer School and Saturday School.  We have added these events to our standard schedule for future years.
Survey results have also confirmed that parents and carers of Year 9 prefer for us to contnue running the KS4 Pathways Event on Saturday mornings.