Glade Diner

Glade Diner - Our first class in house catering service for students and staff.

Head of Kitchen: Neil Stark
Deputy Head of Kitchen: Yvonne Dyer

Tel: 020 8800 0884 ext 143 D/L: 020 8800 8977 

To place an order CLICK HERE

Please click here to look at our meal deal and snack deal service price list before placing your order.

Orders for under 15 people (excluding buffets)
Must be placed at least 3 working days before the event.
Orders for over 15 people
Must be placed at least 10 working days in advance.

Buffet Orders
Must be placed at least 15 working days in advance.
Your budget will be charged for all items in your order.
Once your order has been confirmed please make sure you collect it on the day and at the time you have specified.

Meat Supply: All meat is from approved Halal suppliers.