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Media BTEC

Creative Media Production BTEC 

Course Outline
The Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Creative Media Production offers you the opportunity to study a range of media forms, focussing on practical, hands on skills. The units are designed to reflect real workplace situations, helping you to develop the necessary skills for a career in the Media Industry. The requirements of this course will allow you to experience how advertisements are constructed, will give you the opportunity to film and edit short films, will allow you to record an audio product such as a radio advert or jingle. The course involves heavy use of ICT. It provides a good foundation to go on to more advanced work-related qualifications and introduces you to the Media Industry as a potential employer. The Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Creative Media Production is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grades A* - C, and is taught over 6 lessons per week.

Course Structure and Assessment
You will study a total of 8 units over 2 years:




Research for Creative Media Production

Understand research methods and techniques, to research proposed and existing products and to be able to gather and present results in an appropriate form.


Communication Techniques for Creative Media Production

Understand how to communicate ideas for creative media productions in written and oral forms – through briefs, proposals, PowerPoints, group discussions etc.


The Creative Media Sectors

Know how the media industry is structured, the jobs available and their responsibilities, the professional associations/trade unions associated with specific jobs and the pay and working conditions of specific jobs within the media.


Media Audiences and Products

Understand how media industries target audience groups. Understand how specific media products are created for specific audiences, e.g. how a cartoon is aimed at young children, whilst a horror film is targeted at young adults. Understand how an audience might understand a media product.


Video Production

Be able to plan, film and edit a video text.



Audio Production 

Be able to understand broadcast and non broadcast audio products, such as CDs, radio shows, Mp3 players etc. Be able to develop an idea for and produce an audio sequence, to understand radio broadcasting and the equipment used in audio production.


Print Production

Be able to understand printing techniques and methods. Be able to understand print equipment and to create and evaluate your own print product


Animation Techniques

Be able to understand a range of animation techniques and influential animators and to create and evaluation your own animation product


Advertising Production

Be able to describe an advert, to develop an idea for an advert, to create and evaluate an advert and to understand advertising persuasive techniques.

All units are individually assessed and graded. An overall grade will be awarded on completion of the course - pass, merit or distinction.

Students should be prepared to use both their writing and practical skills.

A BTEC Diploma prepares you for employment in the media industry and many other careers, as well as providing a good basis for more advanced courses. It improves your communication and organisation skills, which are essential in any career choice. Media Studies supports subjects such as English, (Literature and Language) Art and Design, and Technology. Students who have studied Media have gone on to employment within the retail sector, personnel management and ICT, as well as working in the Media Industry itself.